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Quick Start Guide For SIM CARD and Air Time Cost for All GPS Tracking Service

In order to make a GPS device working, in additional to obtain device, you do need a SIM card and a Air Time Plan from a cellular communication carrier like Cingular/T-Mobile in USA or Vodafone in Europe. We have put together a simple guide for you here. Other general requirements for GPS tracking are listed here

Your options


Buy Your Own
You can absolutely buy a SIM CARD and a cellular air plan on your own.
Buy Turn Key Solution

A GPS tracking provider may offer some Turn Key solution in which you buy the tracking device, SIM card and the Air Time all in one. This is the easiest way to make the device working and another advantage of it is that it normally comes with some kind of technical support. So it is a worry-free solution if you buy the package from a good provider. Be sure to buy the package from a true GPS tracking service provider that knows the service inside out. Stay away from the online vendor that just sells GPS devices and unknown services. The Cost of a reasonable solution is $20 - $50 USD per month depending upon how often you want locations sent from device. Note that a $30 plus plan should offer unlimited locations sending.

We, at Soniya are committed to provide the best GPS tracking application available. Our solution is an award-wining world wide solution that is first of this kind free to consumers. And We will gradually add more and more support packages for devices and air time. For international customers, we need your feedback for Air Plan available in your country, so all consumers can benefit. Please email us at support@soniyatech.com. A discussion forum will be available soon.

Try it First

If you have GSM cell phone and a service plan with text messaging (i.e. SMS) capability, you can take out the SIM card from your phone and put it into your GSM tracking device (like Trimtrac or G19B). So you can get first hand experience with your tracking device and decide later what air time service plan you wanted to buy.

If you don't have a GSM cell phone, or unsure if your cell phone has SMS service, you can order a disposable $30 USD (USA only) Try it First Air Time package which offers 300 text messages. Please email us at support@soniyatech.com to inquire about the availability of Try it First package

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